Oh, Sheet!

FlyerTalk member gretchendz asks “Do you check the sheets before you unpack?”

She asks this of women travelers, but as a male traveler, I must admit that I do check the sheets of the bed in which I am about to sleep in a hotel room. That this is a concern of female travelers is a blanket statement, in my opinion. However, I do not intend to cover up the purpose of this thread with semantics.

It does tick me off when I find hair in the bed when I uncover the blankets from the bed. Finding stains also really bugs me.

If you care to opine, please do so in the A new male/female traveler thing? thread.

You may want to check out the “thread count” of FlyerTalk members who posted in there. This is one thread where pillow talk is permitted. However, you may want to sleep on it before you decide whether or not you want to read that thread, as some of the revelations posted by FlyerTalk members reveals some disgusting discoveries…

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