On This Date Four Years Ago…

…I officially joined as a member of FlyerTalk and posted on FlyerTalk for the very first time.

To celebrate and commemorate this anniversary, please allow me to point you to a few FlyerTalk threads that are related to this anniversary which you may find interesting:

To see what I have posted for the first time on FlyerTalk, as well as what other FlyerTalk members posted for the first time on FlyerTalk, please visit the Your First Post on FlyerTalk thread.

Years before the current iteration of FlyerTalk even existed, I had been receiving the MilesLink e-mail as a subscriber from WebFlyer, the parent company of FlyerTalk. Through those MilesLink e-mails is how I first found out about FlyerTalk. Please tell us: How did you first find out about Flyertalk?

I had the opportunity to become a coveted Original Member of FlyerTalk but did not do so because I did not believe in posting to Internet bulletin boards. In fact, FlyerTalk is still the only Internet bulletin board of which I am an active member.

By the way, it is not too late to sign up and subscribe to MilesLink e-mails. Simply click here for additional information.

As to how I found out about the MilesLink e-mail subscription, I am embarrassed to say that I really do not remember. After all, it was greater than ten years ago!

Once one is a FlyerTalk member, one eventually meets other FlyerTalk members in person. Find out in the A List of FlyerTalk Members You Have Already Met in Person thread which FlyerTalk members I and other FlyerTalk members have met in person. You can also find out in this thread which FlyerTalk member I met in person first.

I hope you enjoy reading the few threads I have linked from here. By all means, please add your own little portion of FlyerTalk history to these threads.

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