One Annoying Reason Why Great Deals are More Difficult to Find

Back on Tuesday, May 30, 2017, I wrote this article about what was a great offer: spend a minimum of $80.00 on your hotel reservation booked at and you will get $40.00 back after you complete your stay.

One Annoying Reason Why Great Deals are More Difficult to Find

Mount Robson Lodge

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

I took advantage of that offer by booking a cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Canada at a reasonable price; and with no effort whatsoever — other than booking the reservation itself — $40.00 was added to the account to the credit card which I used to pay for the stay only five days later. Although I thought that the views from the cabin were amongst the best which I have ever seen during my years of traveling all over the world, I enjoyed writing this teaser article with junked rusted old vehicles.

One stipulation which was absolutely clear was that this promotion is good for only one time per person; and is subject to these terms and conditions

…but some people just could not help themselves in trying to take advantage of this promotion more than once, as evidenced in this discussion which was posted on FlyerTalk and this discussion which was posted on RedFlagDeals as two examples.

Summary promotion


Good promotions — such as the one from through which one could pick up an easy $40.00 if they spent a minimum of $80.00 on a stay with virtually no effort — are increasingly rare these days. To see people egregiously attempt to bypass the rules and take unnecessary advantage of a promotion — and then complain when what they attempted to do did not work — is disappointing.

The promotion is supposedly no longer in effect — and I am not surprised.

This annoying behavior is one reason why great deals are more difficult to find; and it lessens the possibility of similar promotions in the future being offered by companies — which may be more hesitant — for those people who adhered to the rules…

All photographs ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

2 thoughts on “One Annoying Reason Why Great Deals are More Difficult to Find”

  1. Nancy says:

    A few months back, my husband and I each booked a night for Costa rica in January 2018, using that deal. Can we still get that credit or will it be canceled for us?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      If you both used different credit cards under each of your names, you might each get the credit, Nancy.

      If not — and you have not yet taken advantage of this offer — you should get the credit within a week of the completion of your stay.

      Take screen shots, save your folio from your stay, and accumulate whatever other proof you can to prove that you took advantage of this offer fair and square — just in case. You should not need it, however.

      If you had already received credit from this promotion once using the same credit card, then you will not get it a second time.

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