Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

One Dollar Fares On Megabus are Available Now Through June 19, 2018 — But Hurry

The new schedule was just released by Megabus in the United States — and fares for as low as one dollar are still available as of “press time” for this article through Tuesday, June 19, 2018; but those fares tend to go fast.

One Dollar Fares On Megabus are Available Now Through June 19, 2018 — But Hurry

Yes, you read that correctly: one dollar fares on Megabus are available — but you have to hurry if you want to book them.

Even if the one dollar fares disappear, there are still low fares available which could be attractive to you if you do not have a problem traveling on a bus to your destination. You can even use it for positioning yourself to a distant airport where you may have obtained a low airfare.

Actual Costs

If you purchase a one dollar return fare — that is, round-trip — it could cost you a minimum of five dollars. The booking fee is $2.50 — whether the itinerary is one way or round trip — and a facilities fee of $1.50 is added on certain routes whose origination or destination uses an actual building instead of an outdoor bus stop. At four dollars, the fees could easily cost more than the entire trip — and those fees do not include the cost of reserving a seat or checking any bags beyond the included allowance of one small carry-on bag and one checked bag.

Some trips only have a booking fee of $2.50 for the entire trip — meaning that the round-trip could cost you a minimum of $4.50 in total.


As I originally wrote in this article, I am not sure I would use Megabus again, as it does not have the best customer service; and the ride can be long and draining depending on where you go — especially when there is a significant delay. The report of my first trip as a passenger on Megabus was recently posted as well. Regardless, I am hoping that this notice could help to save you money, if you are so inclined.

My advice is to take an overnight trip — especially if you are able to sleep on the bus. This way, you do not lose time in which you could be doing something else. I had not had luck accessing the Internet via the Wi-Fi which is supposed to be available aboard each bus; but your experience may vary.

Day trips are not a bad idea if you enjoy watching the scenery go by without having to worry about driving…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.


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