ONE TWO FREE From National Car Rental is Here for 2015 — With New Bonus Opportunities

n what has arguably been one of the most lucrative rental car promotions for a number of years with few variations, the ONE TWO FREE promotion from National Car Rental for members of the Emerald Aisle frequent renter loyalty programs has returned where you can earn a free rental day for every two qualifying rentals or every time you earn 600 points between now through Sunday, January 31, 2016; and the points and free rental day coupons will be valid through 11:59 in the evening on Wednesday, June 15, 2016, which is when they expire.

Additionally, you can earn points towards a free rental day from bonus opportunities — such as:

  • 50 points for electing to opt in to receive e-mail messages from National Car Rental by January 31, 2016, which you should have received — but only if this is the first time you are electing to opt in
  • 300 points for referring a friend who successfully enrolls in the promotion and completes a qualifying rental by January 31, 2016, which you should have also received; or
  • 50 points for simply taking a survey, which seems to be targeted.


Here are my bonus opportunities for 2015:

The bonus opportunities for Brian Cohen for 2015 from the ONE TWO FREE promotion as a member of the Emerald Aisle frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental.

The bonus opportunities for Brian Cohen for 2015 from the ONE TWO FREE promotion as a member of the Emerald Aisle frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental.

Qualifying Rental, Earning and Redemption

A qualifying rental is a paid rental via the Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program of a Midsize or larger vehicle at participating National Car Rental locations in the 50 United States — including the District of Columbia — for a period of two or more consecutive days during the promotion. You will receive 300 points per qualifying rental or 300 points every four consecutive rental days. You will only be awarded points for one rental out at a time, whichever one lists you as the primary driver. Credit will not be given to you for rentals made prior to your registration date.

You can view and redeem the free rental days you earned in your account here and use them to rent a Compact through a Fullsize car. Be sure to book your reservation at least 24 hours in advance to take advantage of this offer.

I had already pre-registered for this promotion two months ago; and I hope that you did as well — but if not, ensure that you register here as soon as possible if you intend to participate in this promotion, as credit will not be given for rentals made prior to your registration date.

You can only earn promotion points through one promotion on a single rental, as points will not be awarded for overlapping or multiple rentals from the same location. If you are earning points in the one two free promotion for a rental, you will not receive points or credit associated with any other promotion on that rental.

You can receive ONE TWO FREE bonus points for an Enterprise Rent a Car neighborhood rental only if you qualify for that bonus opportunity, which I do not — and perhaps I am better off. Other Enterprise rentals, not considered neighborhood bonus opportunity rentals, are not qualifying ONE TWO FREE rentals and will not result in ONE TWO FREE points outside of the bonus opportunity, but will count as a program credit on your Emerald Club account if you use your Emerald Club number on the rental. ONE TWO FREE promotion coupons can only be redeemed for rentals at National Car Rental locations.

Earned Free Rental Day Fulfillment

Earned Free Rental Day fulfillment will occur within one to two weeks after you have earned 600 points.  No more than three Free Rental Days may be redeemed toward one rental of three or more days.

This offer cannot be combined with any other discount; and this offer cannot be applied to a previous or existing reservation. All standard rental qualifications apply. Earned Free Rental Day coupons may be redeemed to cover the base rate for a rental day; but it excludes taxes, governmentally-authorized or imposed surcharges, license recoupment/air tax recovery, concession recoupment fees, airport and airport facility fees, fuel, one-way rental charge, additional driver fee, or optional items, which shall be your responsibility. Please check your automobile insurance policy and/or credit card agreement for rental vehicle coverage. The availability of this offer is limited to participating locations within the United States and is subject to change without notice. Blackout dates also may apply. We cannot accept the coupon if it has been purchased, bartered or sold for cash.

Account Status

A registrant should log in to his/her account on the ONE TWO FREE site to view his/her account status, total point balance and activity, as well as the points available for redemption at any given time. All points earned within the ONE TWO FREE promotion will be automatically converted to Free Rental Day coupons when the point total reaches 600 points. Free Rental Day coupons will be displayed in the member’s ONE TWO FREE dashboard. Please allow 48 hours for coupons to be awarded once 600 points are earned within a member’s profile.


As I said, this is arguably one of the most lucrative rental car promotions which has occurred every year for a number of years — click here for links to past articles pertaining to the ONE TWO FREE promotion — and I would recommend participating in it.

Other terms and conditions to this promotion apply.

If you already registered for this promotion, which bonus opportunities did you receive?

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