OpenSkies: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

OpenSkies Unveils Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, which might have been a first in the airline industry had it not been for the recollection of a FlyerTalk member who remembers Pan Am World Airways offering a money-back guarantee on their first class product from the United Kingdom after the Lockerbie, Scotland tragedy but before they permanently went out of business.

Because of a recommendation rating of 96.85% surveyed amongst greater than 4,000 passengers, OpenSkies is confident about offering this money-back satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

Is this merely a marketing stunt by OpenSkies, a foolish offer to make, or a brilliant business decision? Only time will tell, although the money-back satisfaction guarantee offer is rather limited.

Here is my review of the inaugural flight on OpenSkies a couple of years ago, as well as photographs taken by me of the experience.

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