Orange Versus Grapefruit: The Debate

My supply of oranges — one of which will be missing by the time you read this because I will have eaten it. Photograph ©2012 by Brian Cohen.

Which citrus fruit do you prefer: oranges or grapefruit?
The zesty debate is on amongst FlyerTalk members — and you will also learn some juicy bits of information in this sub-lime discussion about oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruit that you might find a-peeling. You must read the thread, as I do not intend to spoon-feed the information.
Given the choice, my preference is grapefruit, even though I enjoy eating oranges.
In fact, after I post this entry, I am going to take a break and eat a fresh, sweet and juicy orange. I would eat a grapefruit, but I finished the last one a few days ago.
Orange you glad you read this segment of The Gate?

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