Outage Causes Flight Delays and Cancellations Along East Coast

he source of an outage which caused greater than 200 flights to be canceled along the east coast of the United States today seems to be due to technical issues with the flight tracking system — known as the En Route Automation Modernization computer system — of the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States at its air tracking center in Leesburg, Virginia; but the “automation problem” has now been fixed, according to this article written by Joan Lowy and Brett Zongker of the Associated Press.

The issue which caused the major disruption in airline traffic between New York and South Carolina is still under investigation at this time. The federal agency is reportedly working closely with commercial airlines to minimize impacts to travelers, which means that if you are traveling as a passenger on an airplane within the region today, be advised that you might encounter a delay — or even a possible cancellation — of a flight.

I first heard about this news when Kathy Kass broke the story in this article at Will Run For Miles; and I hope that she has no issues with the flight on which she is supposed to be a passenger later today.

Good luck to you; and travel safely…

2 thoughts on “Outage Causes Flight Delays and Cancellations Along East Coast”

  1. you are such a wonderful mench (yiddish for good guy). thanks for the mention. I’m heading to the airport now!

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      You are so sweet, Kathy — and what a compliment!

      Thank you — and safe travels to you!

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