Pajama Etiquette

We first brought you the “breaking news” on the “exclusive story” regarding wearing pajamas while traveling back in August of 2006.

Now we bring to you the PJ Etiquette thread where the topic is all about wearing pajamas on-board an aircraft. After all, we would be doing a disservice to post a link to a thread pertaining to pajamas but not to one which discusses the etiquette of wearing them on-board an aircraft.

For example, when is it acceptable to change from your clothes to your pajamas? Where is an appropriate place to do so? What does one do with one’s wallet once changing into one’s pajamas? Should one even change into pajamas in the first place? Do you prefer to keep them wrapped and either take them home as a souvenir or sell them? Is that even acceptable?

Thank goodness there is not a thread that discusses underwear etiquette on-board an aircraft…

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