Pan Am and Elvis Presley Have Something in Common…

…speculation that neither are actually dead.

FlyerTalk member pizzamiles asks the question as to whether Pan Am is really dead.

Of course, there have been actual sightings, but despite the familiar blue globe logo and Clipper Connection service (but no Pan Am Worldpass frequent flier program, of which I was once a member), that Pan Am is not the Pam Am that was once Pan Am.

Are you still with me at this point?

Furthermore, as I reside in the Atlanta area and actually view television commercials on how Pan Am provides non-stop service on that busy, high-demand route between Atlanta to Tunica, Mississippi (!) for anyone who wants to visit the casinos in Tunica, I find it strange that that route is not connected to the rest of the “extensive” route network of Pan Am airlines.

This means that I cannot fly Pan Am from Atlanta to — say, that beautiful and exotic vacation destination known as Trenton, New Jersey, for example.

Oh, well — but I least I will not be in despair for long, as Delta Air Lines recently announced non-stop service between Atlanta and Trenton, which should begin later this autumn if all goes as planned.

Even though I have never had a reason in my entire life to visit Trenton despite (I reluctantly admit) being a New Jersey resident for four years, my life will be complete once Delta Air Lines launches this service.

In the is it true that the original Pan Am is not completely dead yet? thread, FlyerTalk member pizzamiles actually accuses Delta Air Lines as the reason for the demise of Pan Am.

Could the new service to Trenton actually be the second deliberately diabolical yet fiendish attempt by Delta Air Lines to eliminate that evil threat known as Pan Am once again, or is it simply a mere coincidence?!?

Well, one thing is for certain: Delta Air Lines was not responsible for the alleged death of Elvis Presley — or was it?!?…

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