Pan Am Goes Out of Business Yet Again?

It is sad to witness what has happened to this once-proud internationally-recognized American brand, which is now little more than a regional charter air service and railroad in the New England area of the United States.

I remember fondly being a Pan Am WorldPass frequent flier member. I still have my mileage statements and luggage tags. My Pan Am WorldPass miles had since become Delta Air Lines Frequent Flier miles, which then became Delta Air Lines SkyMiles.

Pan Am, which was most recently a regional airline known as Pan Am Clipper Connection that had little to do with its original predecessor, was barely more than a little-known regional airline until it suspended all flight operations as of yesterday, 29 February.

The discussion regarding this topic may be found in the Is PAN-AM CLIPPER going out of business? thread. No forum for Pan Am WorldPerks exists on FlyerTalk – not even in the Discontinued Programs/Partners area.

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