Pants Off to This Guy Passing Through Airport Security

Started while experiencing a hangover after a long night of gambling and apparently drinking in Reno, Meet The Man Who Takes Off His Pants At Security Checkpoints simply because he felt it was too much trouble to take everything out of his pockets, as well as remove his belt, and sort everything in bins before passing it through the security checkpoint. Besides, the airport security screeners will see him exposed with the newest technology in scanners being employed at the airport security checkpoints anyway, so why not?

Apparently, this idea seems to expedite the screening process, and he has not been told that he cannot take his pants off, nor has he been arrested.

Should everyone strip down to their underwear when going through airport security checkpoints to keep the entire screening process brief? Will people pant at other people not wearing pants, or will they just be short about it? Will people support the idea of women with their bras exposed, or will they simply feel strapped?

4 thoughts on “Pants Off to This Guy Passing Through Airport Security”

  1. Sara says:

    That would have been hilarious to see! I did experience the xray screening and found it incredibly ironic that I had to remove my short sleeve cardigan that covered me up, and had to get down to my undershirt. It’s XRAY!!! No pockets full of change on a cardigan or beads, or anything of the sort.

    I guess that is better than being asked to lift my dress so I could put my hands in my underwear waistline, yes this happened, seriously. At a 2nd checkpoint before the gate at YYZ, and no private room was offered. Jeez, I might have better luck just removing all my clothes. Who needs a scanner!

  2. Lynn says:

    This happened to us yesterday with my 17 yo grandson in Denver. Here is the story……… We were in line getting our boarding passes. Andre said he felt bad because he always kept us waiting after security because of all the stuff he had to put back on… (he has carabiners, a complicated belt, wallet, phones, etc.) and lace up shoes. He said, “It would be so much easier if I could just take off my shorts, run it all through and slip them back on.” We all agreed and I asked him if he had any underwear on. He said he did, the long boxer kind that looked like biking shorts. I said, well, go ahead. After all, people go through security with much less on. So when he was taking off his other stuff, he quietly slipped of his shorts, put them into the bin and walked through. When he got through, a TSA agent asked him where his pants were, Andre told him and the whole area erupted with agents. Honestly, we thought it was all funny..the much ado about nothing. We felt he was making things easier…no biggie. no threat, no resistance, etc. We never thought about the recent scandal about two gay TSA agents getting into real hot water for picking out young men to grope at the same airport. AND… it was a gay TSA agent who flagged him. When they told him he had to leave the airport, we told them everything, but they insisted we “made a mockery” of security. Guess they are still embarrassed over the legal issues still fresh. The manager of TSA in Denver also told us “We take security very seriously!!” Uh, ok. WELL……. guess whose bags weren’t pulled?????? Yup.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      What a story, Lynn! Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

  3. Dear mom you are so special to me

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