Part of Bathroom Ceiling Collapses: How Much Compensation?

A corner of the ceiling in the bathroom of a hotel room collapsed during the night. Photograph by FlyerTalk member Islander--.

The remains of the ceiling collapse lie in the bathtub directly below in the bathroom of a hotel room. It was a good thing that no one was in the bathtub at the time of the ceiling collapse. Photograph by FlyerTalk member Islander--.

A “terrible noise” in the hotel room awoke FlyerTalk member Islander– at 1:30 in the morning. A piece of the bathroom ceiling had collapsed into the bathtub below, with additional pieces falling noisily at regular intervals.
It was a stay of only one night at the hotel property in question, and Islander– received 35,000 frequent guest loyalty program points as compensation, in addition to being moved to a different room.
Although Islander– does not plan to return to the hotel property in question, the 35,000 frequent guest loyalty program points basically equates to an award night in the future — and not necessarily at that hotel property.
Islander– wonders if the compensation is fair and should forget about it — or press for additional compensation?
Not that it is entirely relevant, but Islander– paid for the room in advance. Also, when Islander– related the experience to the clerk at the front desk upon checking out, Islander– was informed that the manager of the hotel was in a meeting. Citing poor customer service, some FlyerTalk members believe that the meeting should have been interrupted and the hotel manager should have been told immediately about the ceiling collapse.
FlyerTalk member InkUnderNails — a self-proclaimed “maintenance guy” — posts that “This is bad, really bad. This takes two rooms out (at least if not top floor) for a while. I wonder how many times they painted over the water stains rather than fixing the leak above. The bathroom on the floor above may need a complete renovation. A leak UNDER the tub. Oh, this is bad.
“If the upstairs leak was bad enough, the moisture may have moved through the walls down multiple floors. This can be really bad.
“That is bad enough. The moisture could have (probably did) cause mold. Ugh. Rip the walls out to get it all.
“If they ignored this, they had to know, what else are they ignoring?
“If not the top floor, someone upstairs could have fallen through the floor into your tub. Now, that would have been even worse. Well, for them it would have been, as they would have likely been in the tub and naked.”
Some FlyerTalk members believe that the compensation was fair — especially since Islander– was not injured. Inconvenienced, perhaps — including an interruption of sleep, which is usually the main purpose for paying for a hotel room — but not hurt in any way.
Keep in mind that the hotel brand by which the hotel property is operated has a satisfaction guarantee of 100 percent where if there is something wrong with your stay, you receive a full refund. Because cash is not bound by the restrictions of a frequent guest loyalty program, should Islander– have received a full refund for that night instead of 35,000 frequent guest loyalty program points — or should Islander– have received both as compensation, as suggested by several FlyerTalk members?
What would you have done if you were in a similar situation as Islander–?
Talk about possibly being plastered in the middle of the night…

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