Passenger Attempts to Open Emergency Exit During Flight

Alexander Michael Herrera. Photograph courtesy of the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office.

A man who was a passenger on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft operated as Alaska Airlines flight 132 from Anchorage to Portland allegedly attempted to open an emergency exit door during the flight at approximately 5:20 this morning Pacific Daylight Time just before the airplane was being prepared for its descent prior to landing.
Alexander Michael Herrera, 23 years of age and identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation of the United States, was reportedly restrained by passengers and members of the flight crew with shoelaces and seat belt extenders after he “made unusual statements” before attempting to open the emergency exit door.
After the aircraft landed safely, Herrera was handcuffed, detained and taken into custody by police and reportedly charged with interfering with a flight crew.
There were no reports of injuries amongst the 137 passengers aboard the aircraft, which landed safely.
FlyerTalk member hgdf claims that ‘according to an inside source speaking on background, that man later claimed that he desperately needed to pee and was frustrated after being refused access to the F lav.”

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