Passengers Push Airplane Stuck in Ice

I f you think that the winter weather woes currently occurring in the northeastern United States have been difficult, oil workers in Siberia pushed the Tupolev-134 airplane on which they were passengers in order to free it from the ice — caused as a result of the pilot forgetting to take off the parking brake, which caused the brake system to freeze after the temperature dropped to as low as minus 61 degrees Fahrenheit — at Igarka Airport in Krasnoyarsk Krai in Russia and take flight to be on their way to their destination.

A video of the effort is posted here; and here is a “tweet” posted by one of the passengers of the aircraft:

A tow truck was unable to initially move the plane onto the taxiway, forcing the passengers to push the airplane stuck in ice if they wanted to get to their destination. Once the airplane was freed, the tow truck was then able to take the aircraft to where it could resume taxiing to the runway on its own power.

Deicing an aircraft takes on a whole new meaning…

This story was compiled from multiple sources.

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