Would You Pay a Small Fee to Check In and Check Out of a Hotel Anytime You Like?

“F or a small fee, you get all the benefits of coming and going at your leisure. Prior to your stay, we’ll get in touch via email to get your estimated check-in and check-out times. How you use your Standard Time is up to you.”

Would You Pay a Small Fee to Check In and Check Out of a Hotel Anytime You Like?

Standard Time is a new feature offered by The Standard, which consists of five eclectic hotel properties in the United States — specifically, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Miami, and two in New York — with which you will be given the option to choose this new service from the drop-down menu if it is available when selecting the room type and booking your reservation in advance.

This means that you can check into your hotel anytime you like — as well as check out of your hotel anytime you like.


I checked quite a few rates at different hotel properties on random dates; and I was unable to find at this time a room rate which did not include Standard Time; so I have been unsuccessful at trying to find out exactly what is the additional fee.

For example, you can reserve a room at The Standard Miami Beach for one night on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 for $251.22, which includes all taxes, fees and the Standard Time service. I was unable to find a less expensive rate which did not include Standard Time.

While I believe that this is an intriguing idea, I must say that I am finding it difficult to remember when I have had an issue with checking into or checking out of a hotel property at an inconvenient time — so for me, paying extra for this service does not appeal to me at this time.

Source: The Standard.

2 thoughts on “Would You Pay a Small Fee to Check In and Check Out of a Hotel Anytime You Like?”

  1. TRC says:

    I’ve absolutely been on trips where this would’ve been helpful. I took a week visiting law schools in October 2014 (my first big trip by myself), and I made the mistake of booking all of my flights at night, so I had to drag my luggage with me everywhere. The option to check out between my school visits and flights would’ve been very nice. Of course, I do have a limit for how much I’d pay for the service.

  2. Joseph N. says:

    Oh, I’d absolutely pay for this feature. Twice this year, once at a Hilton and once at a Hyatt, the front desk had trouble accommodating my early check in, but I’d shown up at 2:45 for a 3PM check in. OMG.

    I cannot count the number of times I just drove home instead of staying the night because the hotel couldn’t accommodate my early check in.

    However, if the cheapest rate you could find is $250, then I doubt this feature would come at a reasonable price.

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