Where Was This Photograph Taken?

Amidst all of the news and rhetoric pertaining to the recent election — as well as travel, miles and points in general — I thought I would take a moment to post an easy game for you to play just for fun: can you guess where was this photograph taken?

Where Was This Photograph Taken?

Photograph Quiz for November 2016

Click on the photograph for a larger version. Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

I thought it was an interesting picture — but of course, that opinion is subjective, as you may not agree with me.

The answer will not be immediately revealed to give readers a chance to take a moment to play this game.

Other Games

I have not forgotten about the other games with which readers of The Gate have asked for more — such as this one where I asked you to guess five American cities from the satellite photographs provided as though you were traveling in an airplane…

…and I plan on creating future versions of that game — as well as others — while incorporating travel, miles and points.


I enjoy games — both playing them and creating them. When properly done, they can simultaneously be educational, interesting and fun…

…and if you have any ideas for future games of which you would like for me to create, please post your suggestions and thoughts in the Comments section below.

Thank you.

Photograph ©2016 by Brian Cohen.

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  1. lopere says:

    I got a game – create an original post for once

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