Pilot Faces Child Pornography Charges

Donald E. Gallagher, Jr. Photograph courtesy of the Tampa Bay Times. Click on the photograph for an article written by Kameel Stanley and Patty Ryan.

A pilot of 22 years faces federal charges of possessing and distributing child pornography.
Donald Edwin Gallagher Jr. — a pilot based in Saint Petersburg, Florida who is 51 years of age, is employed by American Airlines, is a veteran of the United States Air Force, and has no prior criminal record — was arrested recently as the Federal Bureau of Investigation confiscated his laptop computer after being served a warrant to search his home. He could face up to twelve years in prison for the alleged possession of 85 videos and as many as 600 images of child pornography.
If the charges prove to be true, twelve years is not nearly enough, in my opinion.
I have stated my position on child pornography before when a passenger was arrested in December of 2011 for openly viewing child pornography during a flight. An agent of the Transportation Security Administration charged with possession and distribution of child pornography in October of 2011 is no better. However, pilots are highly respected individuals who are entrusted with the safe carriage of passengers to their destinations — which is why FlyerTalk members as well as myself find this story appalling; and the supposed actions of Gallagher repulsive and disgusting.
Gallagher was reportedly suspended from service by American Airlines pending the outcome of an investigation into the charges.
I wish someone would explain to me what people get out of viewing child pornography. I shudder when I even think of some lecherous person drooling over compromising photographs of innocent children who do not know any better — and for someone to possess and distribute such offensive materials is inexcusable and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

One thought on “Pilot Faces Child Pornography Charges”

  1. chinatraderjmr says:

    the possession of Child pornograhy should have even stricter jail terms then they already do….on that we agree…..But just cuz hes a pilot means nothing. A pilot is no better or different then anyone else. Having child porn makes hi a sick revert who should be in jail forever but it has no bearing on his skill as a pilot. IMO ths story does not belong on flyer talk. Being a pilot is just a job……nothing more and what his sick lusts are does not make him a bad pilot….just a bad human being. Pilots are probably murderers, drug dealers, jay walkers, etc etc……no diffreent then anyone else

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