Pizza Delivery Vehicle Stolen to Catch a Flight

A  tourist visiting Jackson Hole in Wyoming potentially got himself into a real hole when he stole away in a vehicle used for deliveries of pizza in order to catch an impromptu flight.

Quinn McElwain — a visitor who is 21 years of age from Vermont, which is known for its maple syrup — apparently got himself into a sticky situation when he was reported missing to the Jackson Police Department last week by friends who reportedly got into a rather crusty argument while staying at the Elk Country Inn.

Pizza Delivery Vehicle Stolen to Catch a Flight

McElwain — who was reportedly sauced at the time from drinking too much — swiped a Toyota RAV4 vehicle used for deliveries of pizza and cheesed it to the airport, causing the situation to mushroom further. The vehicle was left running unattended outside of the hotel property.

Peppered with calls pertaining to this situation, investigating officers decided to participate in a pizza the action by finding out that McElwain was flying as a passenger to Chicago via Denver on a ticket supposedly paid with the dough out of his own pocket.

Topping off this story is that although security officers at Chicago O’Hare International Airport got the deep dish on the suspect, their ham-handed attempts to slice through the airport to intercept and apprehend him turned out to be pie in the sky because they reportedly ended up at the wrong gate and were unable to meat him when he arrived.

Police delivered the driver with his vehicle the next morning. At yeast no personal possessions were taken; so the driver had no beef about that.

The crime which McElwain is suspected of committing does not fit a felony grand theft auto charge because he did not intend to permanently deprive the owner of the vehicle, according to this article written by Mike Koshmrl of Jackson Hole News & Guide. Rather, the suspect would be eligible for “unauthorized use” of a vehicle — which is considered a misdemeanor — if police pursue charges.

McElwain has not folded under pressure to rise to the occasion of turning himself in to law enforcement authorities; but the ultimate feta McElwain is that he most likely will not be officially charged for the crime because the town of Jackson probably will not waste the money of taxpayers to have him extradited back to the jurisdiction in which he is accused of this half-baked idea.


Olive to write articles such as this one, as — to be frank — I find it quite fun to put a fresh spinach on stories such as this one…

…and although this story has been reported elsewhere in the media, you probably have not sausage a take on it as with this article.

I hope that the humor — or lack thereof — in this true story did not artichoke you too much…

Source: Peace Love and Pizza.

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  1. securesmaskfirst says:

    That was hilarious…Thanks for some levity. Not sure about other travelers, but I needed that.

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