Plink Shuts Down

P link — a rewards loyalty program which allowed you to earn points for shopping at various merchants — has posted an announcement on its official Internet web site alerting its members that it has shut down and ceased operations as of today.

Here is that announcement:

To Our Loyal Plink Members

With much sadness and heavy hearts, we are sorry to tell you that Plink is closing its doors. As of today, the Plink site will be shut down and the program will cease to function.

As a start-up, we are reliant on continued funding and over the last year we have been unable to secure any additional funding. Unfortunately, without that funding, Plink can no longer continue to operate. As a team, we did everything we could to keep Plink alive, but we have now run out of time and options.

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to our loyal members who have supported us for the last three years. As a team, we want to thank all of our members, for their loyalty and continuing to stick with us to the end. We couldn’t have made it this far without such a loyal, committed group of members.

We also want to thank all of our advertisers and partners who supported us over the last three years. It was their belief in us and willingness to support a small start-up that allowed Plink to grow. We are proud to have partnered with some of the largest restaurant and retail brands in the United States.

Moving forward, all Plink accounts will be closed. No further points can be redeemed.

Thanks to all from the Plink Team.

Any further questions can be directed to

The Plink Team

A number of weblogs at BoardingArea have had articles posted pertaining to Plink, including FrequentMiler, Deals We Like, and View From The Wing.

I personally have never used Plink, nor have I ever been a member; but despite that, I am sorry to see this option disappear…

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