Police Storm American Eagle Aircraft at Airport in Miami

As a result of a suspicious package which was left behind in Tallahassee, three people were handcuffed and taken into custody by heavily armed law enforcement officers at Miami International Airport after a regional jet aircraft — which was operated by American Eagle as American Airlines flight 3491 — landed this morning and was directed to a secure area of the airport.
After at least eight police cars — along with other emergency vehicles — caught up to the airplane, dozens of law enforcement officers armed with what were perceived to be assault weapons reportedly surrounded the aircraft before boarding it and commanding all of the passengers aboard to put their hands on their heads.
One of the police officers reportedly aimed his weapon down the aisle of the aircraft. As the passengers were supposedly ordered to be “up against the wall” after exiting the aircraft, their baggage was searched by police dogs.
The police department in Tallahassee is investigating this incident.
Here is a video news report by WSVN-TV Channel 7 news serving Miami and Fort Lauderdale:

Not only has this incident rattled the nerves of at least some of the passengers aboard the aircraft, but it has also sparked criticism, sarcasm and disbelief amongst FlyerTalk members, who wondered for what exactly were the passengers thanking the heavily armed law enforcement officers; what exactly was the threat aboard the aircraft if the suspicious package was left behind at the origination airport in Tallahassee; and why the passengers had to endure a “Tallahassle” which lasted greater than 90 minutes as the result of what is being perceived as an overreaction…

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