Pop Goes The Pop: Flight Attendants Down in the “Dumps”?

Preceding a possible union action, flight attendants on United Airlines flight 991 from Dulles Airport near Washington, D.C. to O’Hare Airport in Chicago reportedly spent 40 minutes dumping and pouring the contents of every can of unopened soda and juice, as well as approximately a dozen full unopened bottles of water, down the drain in the mid-cabin galley in the economy class section of the aircraft.

Some FlyerTalk members are calling for punishment for the flight attendants as a result of their actions — including possible prosecution — accusing them of theft, waste and possible insubordination, amongst other things. However, other FlyerTalk members believe there may be more to the story than what was already told, or even question the validity of this story altogether. Still other FlyerTalk members speculate entrapment of United Airlines employees on the part of United Airlines management.

Can you keep your opinion bottled in the FAs on my flight open and dump every unused can of soda thread, or do you want to contribute to the flow of the discussion?

By the way, we considered “Flight Attendants Take Dumps in Front of Other Passengers” as the title of this The Gate entry but thought better of it, as we want to remain fluid and not be canned in any way…

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