Pranked by a Member of the Flight Crew Aboard an Airplane?

You are probably remembering the old days when people used to travel around the world — and if you were a passenger aboard an airplane during an overnight flight, you might likely catch some sleep sometime between the meal service and the final approach for landing at your destination…

Pranked by a Member of the Flight Crew Aboard an Airplane?

…but have you ever been pranked by a member of the flight crew aboard an airplane?

While seated in the business class cabin aboard an airplane during an overnight flight from Philadelphia to Manchester last year, the senior member of the flight crew allegedly shook FlyerTalk member Fonsini to awaken him from his trying to sleep — and he was wearing an eye mask and ear plugs to help him sleep better — to inform him with the words “I’m sorry, sir; but this is a no sleeping flight” and then laugh about it afterwards.

Needless to say, Fonsini did not react well, as he was not in a good mood.

“I may have punched him in the face and said ‘Sorry, this is a no laughing flight’” is what FlyerTalk member CPRich posted in response to reading about the aforementioned account.

Other FlyerTalk members believe that this behavior is “unacceptable” and would have sought either compensation or a refund of the ticket — as well as sought for the resignation of that member of the flight crew.


Joking in a conversation with a passenger during a lull period is one thing — but I would not appreciate a member of the flight crew attempting to awake me as part of a joke — whether I was fully asleep or trying to sleep.

How would you have reacted if that happened to you? Have you ever been pranked by a member of the flight crew aboard an airplane during a flight?

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

3 thoughts on “Pranked by a Member of the Flight Crew Aboard an Airplane?”

  1. Mfb123 says:

    I’m not an expert in criminal law, and maybe I’m missing something, but how is this different than assault?

  2. NB_ga says:

    Not pleased. I would be terribly not pleased.

  3. Barry Graham says:

    I had just boarded the plane, having given up my seat on another plane and been rewarded $600 for doing so (negotiating it up from $200). I was happy to have a Delta Comfort seat with nobody in the aisle, knowing that boarding this plane and getting an upgrade was unlikely given that I had joined the standby list when it was already boarding. As I was settling in, a crew member came up to me and in a very stern voice asked me to pack my belongings and walk with him. I was thinking “What could I have done wrong with volunteering my seat, maybe it was the negotiating?” although it did cross my mind that he was pranking me. Sure enough, we walked towards the door of the plane, continued walking forward and he pointed to the last 1st class seat! I was top of the standby list because of my status and because of the disruption. It was very well done and very funny. I will never forget that evening.

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