Preparing for 2011

FlyerTalk is about to undergo its first change in leadership in its history of greater than 12 years beginning tomorrow, when SanDiego1K will officially take over as Community Director, while FlyerTalk founder Randy Petersen steps down. While we have no intention of speculating the involvement Randy Petersen will have concerning FlyerTalk in the future, we do know for a fact that in no way is he retiring anytime soon from assisting the frequent flier — in fact, he intends to remain quite active.

Although there are other changes in the works for FlyerTalk in 2011 which we will not discuss here, chances are you will not notice most of them, as the intent is to maintain and improve the FlyerTalk experience as seamlessly as possible. There is, however, one change which we will briefly discuss: where The Gate is located.

Unlike other weblogs, the primary purpose of The Gate is to highlight what is being posted on FlyerTalk on a daily basis. However, The Gate — owned by Internet Brands, which also is the current owner of FlyerTalk — is currently a part of, which is a Frequent Flyer Network site owned by Randy Petersen. While Randy Petersen has graciously offered to continue hosting The Gate at with no time limitation, plans are for The Gate to eventually — not immediately  — move to an Internet web site wholly within FlyerTalk.

Since its launch in 2006, The Gate has enjoyed its run at, which has a collection of many talented and experienced “bloggers” posting useful, informative and valuable content on a daily basis regarding virtually anything that has to do with travel. We have great respect for our fellow “bloggers” and hope you continue to support them. Most of all, we want to thank Randy Petersen for the opportunity to “blog” for The Gate and for hosting it at

This is also a reminder for you to let us know what you want to see in The Gate in the future and how we can further improve it. This invitation is always open.

We appreciate you and thank you immensely for reading The Gate. Have a happy new year, and may the year 2011 be the best one yet for all. We look forward to your continued support in the years to come.

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