Priority Club: “Take That, Hilton HHonors!!!”

Who says that points will devalue if you do not spend them? Well, many people say so, but here is one case where devaluation may actually be profitable.

InterContinental Hotels Group has launched a bold, aggressive and unusual marketing campaign aimed squarely at Hilton HHonors members who are suffering through the recent significant devaluation of their Hilton HHonors points.

Simply put, if you are one of the top 20,000 “Lucky Losers,” you will gain back up to 20% of your current Hilton HHonors balance in Priority Club points, up to a maximum of 20,000 points. If you are fortunate — or unfortunate — enough to have the highest Hilton HHonors account point balance of any participant, you could gain 2,000,000 Priority Club points!

For additional information, as well as instructions on how to participate in this daring Priority Club promotion, please click on the following links to the two pertinent FlyerTalk threads:

Let the war begin…

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