Problem Linking Hyatt Gold Passport and M Life Accounts?

I f you have not had success linking your M Life and Hyatt Gold Passport frequent flier accounts via the Internet recently, you are not alone.

For the past couple of weeks, I have been attempting to link my accounts via the official Internet web sites of both the Hyatt Gold Passport and M Life frequent guest loyalty programs; but with no success. At first, I figured the problem was either an anomaly or the Internet browser and computer I was using; but I have tried several computer and browser configurations over the past couple of weeks and determined that the problem was not on my end.

Although I have no problem logging into my accounts, both Internet web sites simply “hang” when attempting to link my accounts:

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 3.38.51 PM

See the little semi-circular icon superimposed over the ghosted blue SIGN IN button? That simply spins indefinitely.

With a stay in Las Vegas approaching, I called customer service for Hyatt Gold Passport. A representative informed me that the Internet web site had indeed been down for a few weeks; and after being placed momentarily on hold, the representative said that the Internet web site for linking both accounts should be operational again as of Wednesday, September 17, 2014.

In the meantime, I gave the membership numbers of both of my accounts to the representative, who said that an e-mail message has been sent out and that I should hear about the linking of my two accounts within 72 hours…

…so I just wanted to inform you that if you are experiencing a similar problem, you are not alone and to let you know what you should expect. If you need your accounts linked quickly, call the telephone number for customer service of either frequent guest loyalty program to help get the linking of both of your accounts resolved in the meantime.

Since June 20, 2013, you can earn and redeem Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points at twelve resort properties located on the Las Vegas Strip which participate in the M life frequent guest loyalty program of MGM Resorts International — and all eligible nights and stays at these resorts count toward Hyatt Gold Passport elite tier status.

You will earn five Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points for every dollar at participating resort properties. If you have Platinum or Diamond elite status, you will also receive your respective point bonus of 15 percent or 30 percent — but you will not be offered your in-hotel benefits at the participating resort properties, so do not count on such amenities as complimentary access to the Internet in your room or being able to check out of the resort property at a time later in the day.

In addition, each of the twelve participating resort properties are available for reservations and award night bookings through either the official Internet web site of Hyatt Worldwide or through its reservation centers.

There is no limit as to how many Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points you may earn at the participating resort properties — but casino spend does not earn Hyatt Gold Passport frequent guest loyalty program points; and bookings for meetings and events are not eligible for Hyatt Gold Passport Planner Rewards. You also will not be able to earn additional partner points at participating resort properties.

You can also enjoy such unique benefits as pre-sale access to premier entertainment, exclusive M life Moments experiences, and more when you opt in for a matched tier status in the M life frequent guest loyalty program — which is what I attempted to do for the past couple of weeks…

6 thoughts on “Problem Linking Hyatt Gold Passport and M Life Accounts?”

  1. James says:

    My wife has a conference to attend in LV in a few weeks, so we called and had her matched over. The room rate discounts automatically updated to reflect her gold status, but the offers available under the “Get your offers” tab still reflect Sapphire status, which had a 20% off vs. 30% off rate for Golds & much lower food credit than Golds. Turns out those offers are only updated quarterly. We called the MLife desk at the property to see if they could do anything – they did give her the 30% off rate and a slightly higher credit, but they did waive the resort fee for our trouble.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I do not like to learn of stories where the customer does not receive the product or service to which he or she is entitled, James; but at the same time, I like finding out that proper customer service was conducted and implemented to the satisfaction of the customer.

      Thank you for sharing the experience of your wife, James.

  2. Did you actually receive the email within 72 hours? I am just past 72 and I haven’t heard anything yet.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I just called earlier today, Point Princess — so I will not know until next week.

      I suggest you call customer service and find out an update as to what is the status of the linking of both of your accounts.

  3. Kendra says:

    Thanks, Brian.

    I’ve had the exact same experience. I was wondering what was going on – you did the legwork for me! Appreciate it.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      My pleasure, Kendra!

      Pardon: avec plaisir, Kendra!

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