Puddle-Jumper or Car?

That is the name of this FlyerTalk thread.

The quick answer is to fly, of course. After all, as the name implies, FlyerTalk is all about miles and points earned by flying and — unless you use a credit card for purchases that will earn points or miles — driving a car is a moot point on FlyerTalk, and a moot point is about the only type of point one could earn by driving one’s own car.

However, FlyerTalk member jg70124 launched this FlyerTalk thread for a reason.

The quandary faced by jg70124 is that jg70124, who is based in New York City, needed to be in Binghamton, New York one day and Stratham, New Hampshire for two days.

Should jg70124 fly from New York to Binghamton via changing aircraft in Philadelphia on a Monday night, then Binghamton to Boston via changing aircraft in Philadelphia on a Tuesday night, and then finally return to New York from Boston on a Thursday night — all on “puddle-jumper” (usually propellor) aircraft, or should jg70124 simply drive to each location? Before you answer, keep in mind that upon landing in Boston, jg70124 must still travel at least an hour to get to Stratham and another hour to return to Boston. However, also keep in mind the potential for earning miles and possible “segment credit” for all of those flights.

Puddle-jumper or car? Which would you choose?

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