Pulling the Plug on Pulling the Plug

We are not trying to plug pulling the plug on pulling the plug; rather, you decide what should have been done to prevent the seatmate of FlyerTalk member BL* of pulling the plug off of her Bose headphones and exchanged it for a plug of inferior quality while she was using the aircraft lavatory.
She was annoyed and irritated enough to post To the man in 1B on CO flight 1239 on November 10th regarding what she thought about his alleged action.
The plug stolen from the Bose headphones connects to the left earcup, and it is equipped with a volume switch on the headphone side of the plug that not only can be set for different scenarios, but can also be replaced easily if the other end which plugs into the audio source is broken. The inferior replacement with which she was left does not have these features.
Find out what BL* did to pull the plug on pulling the plug, as well as whether or not this issue was indeed successfully resolved.
The advice learned and being plugged by BL* is to put everything of value into the carry-on luggage and lock it whenever departing from the assigned seat, and do not leave anything of value in your seat unless you know the person sitting next to you.
We hope this plug for pulling the plug on pulling the plug gave BL* an outlet for everyone to hear about her experience…
…and, by the way — please do not look for a footnote to match the asterisk in the FlyerTalk name of BL*. That’s the risk of an asterisk in one’s FlyerTalk name.

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