Puppy Allegedly Drowned in Airport Bathroom Toilet by Woman in Nebraska

 am not an “animal lover”; yet I am still wondering how in the world someone could even think of drowning a poor little puppy in a toilet in a public bathroom — let alone go through with that despicable action?

Yet that is allegedly what happened when Cynthia V. Anderson — a woman 56 years of age from Edgewater, Florida — could not board an airplane at Central Nebraska Regional Airport for a flight simply because her Doberman puppy was supposedly only three weeks old, meaning that it was too young to fly on an airplane. She attempted to smuggle it aboard the airplane, according to this article written by Tracy Overstreet of The Grand Island Independent, which was first brought to my attention by this article posted at Points, Miles & Martinis.

After the third attempt to get the puppy aboard the aircraft failed, multiple witnesses claimed that they saw Anderson take the puppy to a public bathroom. The puppy was supposedly found dead in a toilet by a woman.

Anderson was reportedly arrested on the afternoon of Friday, January 23, 2015 by police officers of Grand Island on charges of animal abuse — which is a felony — and is currently in jail in Hall County.

An autopsy was conducted by the Central Nebraska Humane Society — which retrieved the body of the dead puppy — and concluded that the cause of death was drowning based on the water found in its lungs.

Anderson originally attempted to board the aircraft with five canines — two of them acceptable to be aboard the airplane; and three of them too young to travel. Two of those three puppies were taken by the parents of Anderson, who came from western Nebraska to pick them up. It is not clear at this time why they did not take all three puppies with them.

Surely there must have been somebody at the airport who would have been willing to accept the puppy as a pet — or at least would have agreed to hold on to it until he or she found it a proper loving home.

That is at least one alternative to allegedly killing it all because Anderson could not board the airplane with it…

Photograph of Cynthia V. Anderson courtesy of Hall County Department of Corrections.


2 thoughts on “Puppy Allegedly Drowned in Airport Bathroom Toilet by Woman in Nebraska”

  1. Paul says:

    I know one of those two should have been drowned in a toilet, but it wasn’t the puppy…

  2. schonwasser says:

    1. It is illegal in the State of Florida for a puppy less than 8 weeks old to be separated from its mother. Since the accused is from Florida (and is apparently in some way breeding these dogs), she should have known that two weeks was too young to be taken from mom under ANY circumstances. 2. Two weeks is too young to fly; every airline website makes this abundantly clear. 3. Who decided a woman flying with 5 dogs didn’t warrant some sort of closer scrutiny in the first place? 4. TICKET AGENT should have notified the authorities when this woman tried to leave the three babies (2 + the dead one) and board the plane with the two adult dogs. Just because they did their job telling her 2 weeks was “too young to fly” doesn’t mean it’s time to stop using common sense when this woman concluded that it was okay to abandon the babies and take the adults on the plane (presumably to make more puppies down the road….”there’s more where these came from” right?) This whole thing is messed up on so many levels….whomever sold this woman her two breeding dogs in the first place needs to consider a career or hobby change. SAD!! 🙁

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