Buy a Personalized Brick For the Delta Flight Museum

This is a sample of what a brick could look like with one of your choice of logos — in this case, the official logo of Delta Air Lines from 1963. Actual brick and font styles may vary — and that can be a good thing, as I am not fond of the font style shown above. Source: Delta Flight Museum.

A fundraising campaign has been announced where you can to play a role towards the success of the Delta Flight Museum and be a part of its history when it reopens in 2014: you now have the opportunity to purchase a brick — with a customized message engraved on it — for the new front courtyard of the Delta Flight Museum, which is currently undergoing a complete renovation.

The prices for the bricks are as follows:

  • $120.00 4″ x 8″ brick with up to three lines engraved with your custom message
  • $250.00 8” x 8” brick with up to four lines engraved with your custom message
  • $300.00 8” x 8” brick with with up to three lines engraved with your custom message and your choice of one of four logos

Donations to the Delta Flight Museum are tax deductible. Purchase your brick before January 1, 2014 to deduct the cost of the brick from your taxes for the 2013 tax year.

The construction activity of the renovation of the Delta Flight Museum — an independent non-profit corporation organized exclusively for public charitable uses and purposes which was formerly known as the Delta Air Transport Heritage Museum and is located in a historic hangar at the world headquarters of Delta Air Lines in Atlanta — is at full pace and currently running on schedule.

The renovation of the Delta Flight Museum is expected to include a full Boeing 737-200 flight simulator for rides this coming spring, according to FlyerTalk member knfenimore, who has been at the yoke with countless FlyerTalk members — including myself — in the cockpits of numerous flight simulators owned by Delta Air Lines.

The Delta Flight Museum has had a long history with FlyerTalk members, as numerous events associated with FlyerTalk have occurred there: from the celebration of the retirement of Kevin Pinto earlier this year to the Delta Air Lines FlyerTalk Events of 2009 and 2010

…and in response to what I wrote here earlier this year that I hope to be able to report on the completion of the renovation of the Delta Flight Museum on the day of its grand opening — complete with photographs — I received an e-mail message from one of my contacts at Delta Air Lines that I will indeed be invited to attend.

It is a shame that the late Joe Maknauskas — aircraft and facility manager of the former Delta Heritage Museum — will not be able to attend. He most likely would have been proud of the renovation.

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