Purchase LifeMiles and Receive Double the Amount — But…

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Through April 30, 2013, receive a 100 percent bonus on the amount of LifeMiles purchased with this promotion by Avianca and Taca.
This promotion is capped at purchasing 75,000 LifeMiles per transaction, with a maximum of only one transaction during this promotion.
However, there is one quirky restriction: this promotion applies only to members enrolled in the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program prior to April 8, 2013. If you have not joined the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program by now, you are not eligible to participate in this promotion.
If you already purchased LifeMiles this year, you can still participate in this promotion as long as you do not exceed the maximum of 150,000 LifeMiles which can be purchased per calendar year
The minimum amount of LifeMiles you can purchase in this promotion is 1,000 LifeMiles.
Based on the official cost of $35.40 per 1,000 LifeMiles — which includes taxes — I calculated the value after taxes during this promotion at 1.77 cents per LifeMile. I multiplied the $35.40 by 75 for the maximum of 75,000 LifeMiles, which brought me to a cost of $2,655.00 for 75,000 LifeMiles. I then divided $2,655.00 by 150,000 LifeMiles — which includes the bonus of 100 percent — and 1.77 cents per mile was my answer.
However, FlyerTalk members are reporting paying $2,250.00 for 75,000 LifeMiles, which calculates the value after taxes during this promotion at 1.5 cents per LifeMile — even better for you if you qualify for this promotion.
All purchases are non-refundable. The LifeMiles purchased and earned with this promotion do not apply to achieve elite status. Other restrictions apply.

One thought on “Purchase LifeMiles and Receive Double the Amount — But…”

  1. SingaporeDon says:

    Taxes depend upon your address. If you reside in certain countries, Lifemiles does not charge any taxes or the $30 charge, so you just pay 3 cents per mile all in, and get the 100% bonus, bringing your cost to 1.5 cents per mile all in. Hence the $2,250 for 150,000 miles

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