Put Your Travel Plans on Ice!

No — I do not mean to infer that you should stop traveling. On the contrary…

Things seem to be heating up in the Antarctica forum, as more FlyerTalk members are posting to this forum than in the past.

There has only been one thread posted each in 2002 and 2003, which is during the time when the forum was as desolate as its real-life counterpart and namesake. Four threads were posted in all of 2004, but only one of those threads actually contains a reply.

However, in 2005 and yet again in 2006, there has been a steady increase in traffic in the Antarctica forum, both in terms of views and the amount of content posted by FlyerTalk members.

The most popular threads in the Antarctica forum are, in no particular order:

  • Who’s actually been?
  • Antarctica Trip Report – March 2006
  • FT Antarctica DO

    The last thread is a discussion of FlyerTalk members actually wanting to gather and meet someday on the icy continent that is regarded as the last frontier on Earth in terms of land mass.

    All I can advise is to go with the floe and read the threads in the Antarctica forum. If you want to break the ice with fellow FlyerTalk members, don’t cap your desires — go ahead and post in the Antarctica forum! There is no need to be concerned with discussions that have potentially “slippery slopes” or having to put controversial topics on the shelf. Just “chill out” with other FlyerTalk members who either have already been to Antarctica and are willing to share the memories and experiences that are already forever frozen in their minds, or who want to someday be there.

    Antarctica is the only continent to which I have not been yet. However, I hope to personally experience it someday — and that would be really cool…

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