Breaking News: Qantas Airways Operations Shut Down Immediately Until Further Notice

Alan Joyce, chief executive officer of Qantas Airways, has ordered all Qantas domestic and international aircraft to be grounded indefinitely effective immediately due to an intensifying strike by workers represented by unions.
Aircraft already in flight during the sudden order were allowed to continue to their destinations and complete their flights as scheduled. Jetstar flights remain unaffected by the labour dispute.
Qantas operations will only resume once an agreement is reached with the unions representing pilots and ground staff, whose concerns pertain to their jobs being outsourced overseas. Qantas had been forced in reduce and reschedule flights for weeks as the result of a series of strikes, but the ante has been upped considerably by Joyce, effectively locking out the unions.
The Gate first reported on a limited work stoppage, stating that “there are no details as to how long this strike will last or how much more intense it will become…”
FlyerTalk members are stunned, outraged, astonished and shocked by the latest development regarding this labour dispute, which has adversely affected many FlyerTalk members — some severely.
For some, the question is not whether Qantas will succeed, but if it will survive at all…

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