Qantas Cuts the Pork From Some Flights — Literally; Garners Offensive Comments which of these airplanes operated by Qantas at the domestic terminal of the international airport in Sydney will not have pork served aboard them on their next flights? Photograph by FlyerTalk member matthandy. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by matthandy.

You might say that Qantas has developed a case of the “swine flew.”
As a by-product of its partnership with Emirates — which was recently announced and effective as of March 31, 2013 — Qantas decided to remove pork food products from some of its flights.
Many people were so hot that they were bacon as a result and have gotten into a rind of sorts by posting a plethora of blatantly racist and religiously offensive commentary on the facebook and twitter accounts maintained by Qantas. The comments are being removed gradually, as Qantas could otherwise face legal action in accordance with the regulations set forth by the Advertising Standards Bureau, which states that a company is accountable and responsible for all content on its facebook Internet web site — similar to the responsibility in advertising by the company — including comments posted by readers.
Is the policy decision by Qantas to chop pork food products from certain flights between Australia and Europe simply because Dubai is a stopover a “pig in a poke” perceived by passengers — or is this topic simply a boar, as Qantas had already not served pork food products aboard aircraft on flights to Muslim destinations such as Jakarta?
I think it is rather sad that people have to ham it up and resort to religious and racial epithets to express how they feel about a policy they dislike. I eschew pork products in general — but even still, people cannot meat the dietary restrictions of people of the Muslim faith live without pork for 15 hours? Do passengers have a beef if Qantas refuses to serve hamburger and steak food products aboard its flights to India?
Perhaps they should launch a campaign of communications to Alan Joyce — the head cheese at Qantas — in order to express their dismay at this new pork-free policy on some flights. If they sausage advice from him, perhaps they will see this issue from a different perspective.
Well, let us look on the bright side — at least Qantas did not go whole hog and remove pork food products from all of its flights, as that would be sow, sow bad…
…and speaking of bad, I will now spare you from being ribbed by what I have written for this article…

15 thoughts on “Qantas Cuts the Pork From Some Flights — Literally; Garners Offensive Comments”

  1. oneworld82 says:

    I beg to disagree with your commentary… Serving pork on a flight is not a sign of respect to Muslim, but it’s a sign of disrespect to all non-Muslims, especially when the ultimate destination of the flight is Europe. As long as non-pork options are offered, I do not see the need to remove pork options altogether. Next what? No alcohol?

  2. m0hamed says:

    Your article has absolutely no journalism. You have not stated that this was a requirement of the EK partnership, as DXB is strictly Halal catering, not have you investigate how many other airlines already serve all Halal flights.
    This is a business decision attempting to drive people from the Arab World to fly to Australian on QF, as well as the requirement of catering and disposal facilities.

  3. mandolino says:

    Many airlines don’t serve pork or bacon on certain flights and nothing is said. Only Qantas have been hamfisted (sorry) to make a public announcement of it.

  4. missdimeaner says:

    You could ban beef, or any meat, dairy….the list goes on until you only have the cardboard/plastic containers left….and alcohol !
    I would not ban anything, but offer a choice to cater for religious/moral ethics…after all we all share this planet.

  5. zarkov505 says:

    Alcohol is just as haraam (forbidden) to Muslims as pork is.
    So, tell us, Qantas: how long until you ban booze on those flights as well?

  6. mandolino says:

    The point is, almost any flight to/from that region doesn’t serve pork, if only to minimise the number of alternative meals they’re required to offer.
    Somehow this was announced by the press as a “ban”.
    If Qantas had just carried on quietly, but none of their alternatives included pork, (which they rarely do anyway) then these “barrage of racism” types would have found nothing to get up in arms about.
    But perhaps the announcement was made to reassure prospective new Muslim clients?

  7. duniawala says:

    Just serve halal pork. That should take care of it. IMO if you can’t survive without pork for 24 hrs then you seriously need to see your shrink.

  8. tris06 says:

    I think the issue it not about not having pork on the menu its just why can’t Muslims accept a non-muslim eating pork across from him. I dont enjoy pork as much as i do beef and lamb but i feel it is forcing those who are not Muslim to conform to their religion.
    I can understand about flights exiting Middle east airports as they wont cater for it. But flights from Australia to middle east and flights departing from Europe should allow for pork to be served.
    Well i can bet that Chinese airlines will be the hardest to stop serving pork as that’s their main staple meat here and yet Muslim’s here don’t protest or make an issue of it. Its the culture of allowing ourselves to be dictated at. If airlines just said no but gave halal approved meals then they would accept.

  9. tfong007 says:

    Maybe they should ban fatty foods and sugary drinks since a large number of passengers are overweight?

  10. Palal says:

    Looks to me like a PR-fiasco. Instead of saying “to standardize our offerings in both directions…./due to unavliability of pork products in DXB… we will not be serving pork meals on flights to/from/through DXB.” Instead they decided to be politically-correct (or was it the media that said this???) and stated that it was a ban.

  11. harvyk says:

    The thing that FT’ers may not be aware of is here in AU, QF is prime target number 1 for certain news organisation. I have once literally seen front page news about a QF plane, and the fact that a bathroom was out of order.
    The other problem is there are certain elements of AU which do have a racist undertone. For some reason, these people (often from a lower socio-economic background) are considered this news companies prime market, and since QF = Bad and non-white people = Bad in this market, it would not have taken much work from the editors to rile these people up.
    The really bad joke of it is that most people who would have made such comments on FB don’t fly QF anyway, and the limit of their international travel is the westernised parts of Bali due to cheap booze, not exactly long haul.

  12. harvyk says:

    PS, I should add that in my previous post I was not in any way undermining people who have legitimate concerns about being served halal food. I was simply explaining why such rabid posts where received by QF.

  13. callum9999 says:

    Some of the comments on here are just as ridiculous… Please tell me how not being able to get free pork for one day (you can of course bring your own ham sandwich etc. with you) possibly equates to being “forced to conform” to Islam? Not eating pork is a minute part of Islam – I don’t eat pork by virtue of being vegetarian so does that make me part Muslim?

  14. relangford says:

    Let’s see…no pork (or lard) on flights to Israel and Middle East/Indonesia/Malaysia/North Africa/Bosnia/Pakistan; no beef on flights to India and Sri Lanka; no alcohol on flights to same list as above and Utah; no meat during Lent on Friday flights to Ireland or Central America or South America; ….
    Just have specialty meals available to meet all the various dietary restrictions, and let those without such restrictions eat whatever they want. Banning anything will mean someone is offended.

  15. Dianne47 says:

    Gee, what a tempest in a teacup. I’m allergic to pork, so would more than welcome flights I knew would not have pig meat or byproducts on the menu. Negative commenters need to get a life.

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