Qantas Engineers and Baggage Handlers on Strike; 66 Flights To Be Disrupted

The strikes by unions representing engineers and baggage handlers across Australia already cost Qantas Airways greater than 68 million Australian dollars, or 15 million Australian dollars a week in lost revenue. Furthermore, strike action by members of the Transport Workers’ Union are reported to disrupt 66 domestic flights today, possibly affecting approximately 10,000 passengers.
Seven aircraft have already been grounded and approximately 500 flights have already been cancelled over the duration of four weeks.
FlyerTalk members are wondering if this Qantas employee strike will affect them, such as the QF strikes – affecting planes to London?
Also, the QF CEO receives ‘cowardly’ death threat.
There are no details as to how long this strike will last or how much more intense it will become, but Qantas has been locked in protracted negotiations involving more than 200 meetings with greater than a dozen labor unions, and that “the demands that the unions are asking for are so unacceptable that they will endanger the long term survival of the company.”

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