Qatar Airways Increases Passenger Baggage Weight Allowances — But…

This Airbus 340-600 aircraft operated as flight 19 by Qatar Airways awaits its passengers at Doha International Airport. Photograph by FlyerTalk member fly_ebos. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by fly_ebos.

In what appears to be a move contrary to the current trend of devaluations, “enhancements” and increased restrictions to passengers by commercial airlines in general, passengers flying on aircraft operated by Qatar Airways worldwide will enjoy increased baggage weight allowances per person — effective as of September 1, 2013.
The baggage weight allowance increases are as follows:

Class of Service
Current Baggage Weight Allowance
Baggage Weight Allowance as of September 1, 2013
Economy 23 kilograms
30 kilograms
Business 30 kilograms 40 kilograms
First 40 kilograms 50 kilograms

The number of bags allowed per passenger remains the same, depending on the type of ticket purchased. The increased baggage weight allowance does not apply when traveling to destinations which are regulated by the per-piece allowance.
“Revising our standard baggage allowance comes at a time whereby the number of destinations we fly is increasing and our global reach is broadening,” said Akbar Al Baker, who is the chief executive officer of Qatar Airways. “The number of customers we see travelling for longer periods of time, whether for business or on holiday, reflects the necessity for increased baggage allowance no matter their destination.”
This is great news, right? Well — not so fast: if you plan to travel on Qatar Airways with excess baggage and you are not an elite member of Privilege Club, be prepared to pay more, as rates for excess baggage will increase as well as of September 1, 2013. Those new rates are not yet known at this time.
That policy is fine by me. I believe that is a fair compromise.
FlyerTalk members react — with some confusion — pertaining to the new increase in passenger baggage weight allowances…

3 thoughts on “Qatar Airways Increases Passenger Baggage Weight Allowances — But…”

  1. duniawala says:

    “The increased baggage weight allowance does not apply when traveling to destinations which are regulated by the per-piece allowance.” Does that mean for travel to/from US we still have to be within 23 Kilos per bag?

  2. Catusa says:

    Probably raised to compete with EK who has the same higher level although they are still far below what someone in business could have on a European carrier. AF is 64 kg in J.

  3. 6andy6 says:

    So let me get this right.
    US (or North American and Sth Amercian) flights have traditionally had the advantage, over the rest of the world, of a very generous baggage allowance based on the piece system for how many years??? More than 20-30 at least. So based on Qatar’s own website in First and Business you can already take 2 x 32 kg = 64 while at most before hand the rest of us could only take 30 kg in Business and now its 40 kg. Yet you still have 64 kg (and economy have. And your having a cow over yours hasn’t increased? Even transatlantic economy on Qatar still has 2 x 23 kg so your 6 kg ahead. Go figure..some people are never pleased.

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