Rate Increases Do Not Make Rental Cars That Thrifty Anymore?

After the $94 weekly rental at Thrifty Car Rental suddenly tripled to become as high as greater than $300, FlyerTalk member randix asks: HUGE increase in rental car rates, and nothing about in on Flyertalk???

However, are the increases justified? Could that rate of $94 per week be too low these days? Perhaps the rate increase is a form of highway robbery? Is Thrifty the only car rental company who allegedly increased its rental rates dramatically?

FlyerTalk member and self-proclaimed car rental industry insider ezmonee offers a detailed explanation about what is currently going on in the car rental industry.

What do you think?

One thought on “Rate Increases Do Not Make Rental Cars That Thrifty Anymore?”

  1. bakka says:

    all the companies are getting outrageous.I had to change a Fri to Mon rental which was $347. to Sat to Mon –They wanted $515 for the shorter period. This was national, but the other companies wanted just as much.

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