Reading Light Aboard Aircraft Leads to Outburst

A reading light was the cause of a tantrum by a Tacoma man aboard an Alaska Airlines aircraft during an overnight flight from Honolulu to Bellingham International Airport, according to a spokesman for the Washington State Police.
The unidentified man — who is 50 years old — reportedly asked a female passenger to turn off the reading light above her seat so that he may sleep during the flight. Her refusal to do so led to an argument, which led to the outburst laced with profanity.
Although the male passenger was allowed to go home, he could face criminal charges for his role in the incident.
Bellingham International Airport is located in Washington north of Seattle but south of Vancouver.
Is this a severe case of sleep deprivation? What would you do if you attempted to get some sleep, only to have the passenger near you refuse to comply with your request? What if it was music from a personal audio player and not a reading light that was preventing you from sleeping? How could this situation have been resolved to the satisfaction of both parties? Is a compromise possible?
Please share your thoughts.

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