Reminder: Should FlyerTalk Have a “Like” Button? Your Final Opportunity to Vote…

embers of TalkBoard are mulling over the pros and cons of whether or not to add a “like” button to FlyerTalk. As there are no elite status levels to be earned by members of FlyerTalk, “likes” would only be used in appreciation for content posted in discussions — possibly with the added benefit of reducing the amount of times that “+1” is added to a discussion.

Furthermore — if a “like” button is indeed implemented on FlyerTalk — should it really be called “informative”?

As of the time this article was posted, of the 650 members who already voted in the poll — which is shown above — 37.54 percent of FlyerTalk members oppose the addition of a “Like” button to FlyerTalk; while 59.85 percent support its implementation. 2.62 percent of FlyerTalk members abstained.

That is a significant change from the percentages as of December 24, 2014, where of the 267 members who at that time had already voted in the poll, 51.32 percent of FlyerTalk members oppose the addition of a “Like” button to FlyerTalk; while 46.44 percent support its implementation. 2.25 percent of FlyerTalk members abstained.

To help you decide, FlyerTalk member and former president of TalkBoard SkiAdcock worked for hours to post content to a WikiPost she created in this discussion to help summarize the issues being discussed in this proposal:


  • Makes Flyertalk more modern/more like Facebook
  • A like/helpful button would minimize unnecessary replies such as +1
  • Streamlines posts
  • Positive feedback incentivizes quality content/FTers will post more
  • Some people won’t take time to write a thank you but will post a like
  • Those with more likes/helpfuls are considered knowledgable


  • Makes Flyertalk more like Facebook/dumbs it down
  • FlyerTalk had rating system here years ago and it did not go well
  • System can be gamed/cliques develop
  • Clutters up posts/takes up valuable screen space
  • Will not eliminate +1s/+1s also provide positive feedback
  • Posts that have inaccurate info can also get likes/doesn’t mean poster is knowledgable
  • If FTers post info & it doesn’t get likes/helpfuls, less incentive to post more
  • Some who might have posted info in the past will now just post like, so less information provided to other FTers
  • Older posts will tend to have more likes/helpfuls on average than newer posts in the same thread, which can be misleading when the information is out-of-date

Questions, concerns about how it will work, and/or information based on brief internal trial already done

  • If implemented, can FTers who prefer not to utilize the like/helpful button turn it off so that they don’t see it?
  • Is there a software way to separate likes of posts from posters? (Limited trial indicates no; don’t know if software can be changed to do so)
  • Can a post/day count be implemented before implementing for FTers, similar Omni/Coupon Connection? (Yes)
  • Can certain forums have it turned off such as Omni? (No, current software is it’s either all forums or none)
  • If a sitewide trial is created, what are the metrics for success or failure?
  • What is the goal of this/how will the data be used?
  • If customization of current software is required, will this take away from development on other projects such as a better mobile app?
  • Will or can there be a dislike/unhelpful button?
  • What happens if a post that is “liked” gets its content edited and ends up having a different meaning than it initially had at the time the post was “liked”?
  • Can threads or individual posts deemed helpful be bookmarked/saved?


The poll is scheduled to close this coming Saturday, January 17, 2015; so please be sure to vote and voice your thoughts and opinions in this discussion.

2 thoughts on “Reminder: Should FlyerTalk Have a “Like” Button? Your Final Opportunity to Vote…”

  1. Mark says:

    Just put in the darn Like button… Taking away some of the “+1″s seems to be the main thing it’ll do.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      You would think it would be that easy, Mark

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