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This is the car I rented while I was in Oman. Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Rent a Car One Way in Europe For Only One Euro

Y ou can rent a car one way in Europe for only one euro — all taxes included — with Europcar, as long as you have a valid driver license and are 18 years of age or older…

…but there are terms and conditions to this offer about which you should know.

How to Rent a Car One Way in Europe For Only One Euro

Similar to the annual offers of renting a car to Florida or renting a car from Florida, a vehicle often needs to be relocated to be ready for the next rental; or to return it to the manufacturer at the end of its lease. Transporting the vehicle by truck is very expensive; so if you can bring the vehicle from one city to the location where it is needed by Europcar, you are charged only one euro — all taxes included — and both Europcar and you benefit from this deal.

You will be given between 48 and 72 hours — plus a mileage allowance — to complete your journey; and the rental also includes basic protection, which reduces your excess amount in case of damage.

You can rent your car in six easy steps:

  1. Go to the official Internet web site of this offer To access this deal, click here
  2. Choose your route Where are you going?
  3. Choose your dates When do you want to leave?
  4. Choose your extras Add any additional items you need for the rental
  5. Pick-up the car Collect your vehicle at the rental location
  6. Drop off the car Bring the car to the drop-off location

What is Not Included in the One Euro Rate?

The following items are not included in the one euro rental offer and will cost you extra money:

  • Any optional extras you add during the booking process or at the rental location — such as a child seat or a global positioning system
  • Any additional insurance protection you add either during the booking process or at the rental location — and any additional insurance protection will be charged according the applicable rate at the time they are added
  • Re-fueling costs: Europcar will provide the vehicle with a full tank of gasoline; and the tank should be full when you return the vehicle — otherwise, a fee will be applicable according to the local terms and conditions of renting the vehicle
  • Any tolls or fines incurred during your trip — as well as any administrative charges linked to these fines
  • Any repair costs from damage not covered by the insurance protection subscribed — as well as any administrative charges linked to the repairs
  • Any kilometers or miles driven outside the allowance given with the booking of the reservation of the rental vehicle

Terms and Conditions

As you are relocating a vehicle for Europcar, you do not get to choose the actual vehicle you drive — Europcar chooses the vehicle for you. However, all of the vehicles in the fleet are very new and in great condition; so you will always enjoy a quality drive. The vehicle will be in the Economy category at a minimum or at a higher class.

This offer applies for one way car rentals only from the defined pick up location to the defined drop off location.

The number of hours and kilometers included in the offer is limited based on the maximum distance to be driven. If you keep the vehicle for longer than the time allowance provided, the normal public rate will be applied to your rental. If you drive for more kilometers than are included, you will be required to pay for the additional kilometers.

Modifications to your rental car reservation are not possible. However, you may cancel the booking free of charge up to 24 hours before the time of picking up the rental vehicle. For cancellations within 24 hours before the time of picking up the rental vehicle, Europcar will not refund the one euro charge.

Value added tax is included in the rate.

Other terms and conditions may apply.


Although fraught with restrictions — as would be expected — this ongoing offer can potentially be a viable alternative to traveling by airplane, train, bus or taxi cab; but compare the amount of time, money and convenience between the options of transportation you have before committing to this offer.

For example, one euro for renting a car is a fantastic rate — but how much will fuel, parking, tolls and other expenses actually cost? Will they be more expensive than a train ticket or airfare — neither of which you would have to deal with traffic and other potential inconveniences of driving a car?

If you do decide to participate in this offer, ensure that your primary automobile insurance policy or credit card will cover the cost of any damage to the rental vehicle so that you do not need to purchase any additional insurance coverage.

I have rented from Europcar in the past — the car in the photograph at the top of this article was rented from Europcar — and I had no issues with the rental.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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