Retroactively Disallowed Little Debbie Coupons Take the Cake

Coupons provided by Little Debbie — a company based in the United States which manufactures snack cakes — allowed AirTran passengers to enjoy a $10.00 discount on their airfares.

However, when FlyerTalk member LegalEagle attempted to check in at Logan Airport in Boston recently, the agent at the AirTran ticket counter demanded an extra $10.00 to be collected because the Little Debbie coupons were “retroactively disallowed,” to which LegalEagle believes is rather crumby.

The icing on the cake is that LegalEagle is not the only FlyerTalk member to encounter this problem.

Was this a half-baked promotion, filled with layers of problems and issues? Does AirTran have the right to “retroactively disallow” coupons that were once valid? Should LegalEagle slice it into AirTran, or is a resolution to this issue simply “pie in the sky?”

One thought on “Retroactively Disallowed Little Debbie Coupons Take the Cake”

  1. Sean says:

    It seems from the flyertalk thread you referenced that the coupons are simply reapplying incorrectly at check in. All you have to do to get the problem fixed is call AirTran during online checkin. The “retroactively disallowed” phrase is probably just a Check In Agent making up there own rules when they don’t understand what they see in their computer.

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