Review: Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

A s the conclusion of the flight operated by United Airlines from Chicago to Calgary was scheduled to be at 10:26 in the evening, I booked a reservation at the Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport.

Review: Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

I actually stayed as a guest at this hotel property twice — on both the first and last nights of my trip so that I may relax in a predictable and consistent stay near the airport which bracketed my time in the Rocky Mountains of Canada; and this review covers both stays…

…but there was another reason why I stayed at this particular hotel property: because of the car I reserved to rent with which I literally saved hundreds of dollars. More details about that are forthcoming in a future article, which I am hoping to have ready within a few hours or by tomorrow.

I arrived late at this hotel property both times: the first time was because of the late arrival time of my flight; and the second time was because daylight does not completely disappear until after 11:00 in the evening at this time of year at the latitude at which Calgary is located, which caused me to stay out late and have full days every day that I was in Canada.

After I arrived at the airport and was processed quickly through customs and immigration, I then ventured to the curb outside of the terminal to wait for the shuttle bus to the hotel property. After what seemed to be shuttle vehicles for virtually every other hotel property near the airport, I went searching for a way to call someone at the hotel property — and so did an older woman who was in town on a tour and staying at the same hotel.

There was a small area near the information desk of the airport terminal where guests can use a telephone to call the list of hotel properties printed on a sheet on the desk. I was assured that a shuttle bus will be there within minutes — and that statement turned out to be true.

I must have been so tired after checking in both times that I neglected to take photographs of the details of my room and the hotel property in general — but it is a typical Hilton Garden Inn which one would find in the United States. There were a few cookies left at the front desk both times, where checking in was quite quick.

The Room Overall

The room had two comfortable double beds and a flat-screen television. Two cookies awaited my arrival near where the microwave oven and refrigerator were located: one was oatmeal raisin; the other was a chocolate cookie with white chocolate chips. I also received two complimentary bottles of water, which I promptly placed in the refrigerator. The desk was well equipped with power outlets and USB ports; and the room was well lit when all of the lamps and lights were turned on. The alarm clock on the nightstand between the two beds worked both times.

The bathroom had a sink and a bathtub with one of those adjustable shower heads — as well as a curved bar to hold the curtain while assuring maximum room to shower without creating a wet mess. There were a few Neutrogena amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, bath soap, facial soap and body lotion.

The closet had a plastic laundry bag, an iron, an ironing board, and a safe.

I was in a suite at the Hilton Garden Inn Tampa North in 2015; but other than that and a few other very minor differences, the photographs in this review suffice to visually describe the rooms during both of my stays at this hotel property — down to the amenities in the bathroom.

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

I like that there was a receptacle to place materials to recycle. That must be a law in Alberta or Canada, as there was also one in the rooms at hotel properties — such as at the Delta Hotels Banff Royal Canadian Lodge. I wish that more hotel and resort properties worldwide would have such a receptacle.

The View

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

I did manage to take photographs of the view from my room.

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

These views were not too bad. I could think of worse views.

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

At least there were trees…

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

…and I do not mind watching vehicles go by.

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport

Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Most of the views were of Barlow Trail or McKnight Boulevard, of which the intersection of both thoroughfares is shown behind the trees.


I paid $142.58 in Canadian dollars for each night — including all taxes and fees — which turned out to be $105.40 in United States currency. All I did was stay in the room and use the complimentary shuttle transportation between the airport and the hotel property, which adequately served what I needed. The shuttle ride — which departs every 45 minutes — is longer than usual, as transportation can take up to ten minutes between the airport and the hotel property; so allot some time for that.

The hotel property offers free parking. There are not too many dining options nearby — unless you like fast food and restaurants of other hotel properties. A heated indoor pool and complimentary fitness center are available for your use. Access to the Internet via Wi-Fi was good.

I recommend staying at this hotel property — especially if you will save a significant amount of money, which I will detail in that aforementioned future article — but expect the typical, consistent and predictable Hilton Garden Inn experience overall with nothing extraordinary, which is not necessarily bad but suited what I needed just fine…

…and I apologize for not taking photographs of the room.

Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport
2335 Pegasus Road, Northeast
Calgary, Alberta, T2E 8C3
+1-403-717-1901 Fax

All photographs ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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  1. Cipta says:

    Hmmm…. no photos but the picture of hotel with sun in background is very good. I would buy it if I was the hotel’s manager…

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