Rooms for Disabled Persons: Would You Reserve One if the Price was Right?

Imagine if you were reserving a room for yourself at a hotel via its Internet web site, when you find that you can reserve a room specifically designated for disabled persons at a less-expensive rate — perhaps potentially saving you greater than $100.00 per night.

Would you do it?

FlyerTalk member toomanybooks faced this quandary. which is why the OK to book handicapped room if able-bodied? Elite upgrades? thread was launched.

Both able-bodied and disabled FlyerTalk members have already responded to this thread, discussing scenarios as to not only debate the proper way to handle this situation, but also how other situations are handled, such as able-bodied people and their usage of parking spots and bathroom stalls designated specifically for disabled people.

If that was not enough, tall people, “people of size” and other people also weigh in on the topic as well. As you probably guessed, the discussion in this thread was rather passionate at times.

Read the thread and see what you think — then decide for yourself…

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