Hurricane Maria
Source: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce of the United States.

San Juan Airport to Open to Commercial Flights as Soon as Tomorrow?

Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport — which serves the greater San Juan Metropolitan Area — is now open to military and rescue operations and may open to commercial flights as soon as tomorrow, Friday, September 21, 2017…

San Juan Airport to Open to Commercial Flights as Soon as Tomorrow?

…but that news seems incredibly optimistic, for if you have leisure travel scheduled through the remainder of 2017, you might want to rethink your plans, as no power is currently available anywhere in Puerto Rico and may not be restored in many areas for months — not to mention all of the flooding and damage which Hurricane Maria caused to the island.

The following message was “tweeted” from the official Twitter account of the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration — Office of the Governor of Puerto Rico in Washington, District of Columbia:

The text claims that the airport “is ready to receive military and rescue operations today from midday, airlines will be able to operate from tomorrow friday according to their protocols. We will operate with emergency plants, so there will be no air conditioning and we will be limited to certain services.” The note also advises that “We suggest you confirm your flight directly with the airline before heading to the airport.”

Sure enough, the first official rescue operation has already begun, according to the official Twitter account of Aeropuerto Internacional Luis Muñoz Marín Puerto Rico

…but 100 percent of Puerto Rico is currently without power; and electricity is not expected to be restored to most of the island for weeks — or even months.

Here is one of many videos which have emerged via social media pertaining to the fury…

…which Puerto Rico experienced from Hurricane Maria, of which landfall occurred yesterday near Yabucoa at approximately 6:15 in the morning, with maximum sustained winds clocked at 155 miles per hour. The path of the hurricane basically divided the island into two parts and left substantial flooding and many damaged buildings.


I heard from a colleague earlier today whose friends and family are safe in Puerto Rico; but they still do not know the extent of the damages to their properties, as “the roads there are impossible to navigate with all of the fallen trees, flooding and debris so nobody can drive there.”

The citizens of Puerto Rico need all of the help they can get; and that is what is most important at the moment…

…but even if the airport opens to commercial flights as soon as tomorrow, travel to Puerto Rico is not advised.

In my opinion, the best thing to do is stay out of the way until officials can get Puerto Rico to recover enough to at least accept tourists — and then travel there to help support and grow the economy, as the island sorely needs the tourist dollars.

Even then, contact the hotel or resort property directly at which you plan on staying as a guest before traveling to get the latest updated information as to whether or not arriving there is advised.

Also, airlines are likely to extend their travel waivers for airports in Puerto Rico at which they serve. Please refer to this list of airlines currently offering travel waivers to Puerto Rico; and I intend to either update that list — or create a new article with an updated list of travel waivers offered by airlines.

A special meaning of sorts for Puerto Rico exists for me, as it is the first place to which I traveled outside of the 48 contiguous United States; and traveling there was my very first time as a passenger on an airplane for a flight operated by American Airlines from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to San Juan when I was twelve years old.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with the people of Puerto Rico.

Source: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the Department of Commerce of the United States.

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