Sandy Absorbed by Winter Storm; Airports Closed; Millions Without Power in 11 States; Flood Warnings

As the landfall of Hurricane Sandy occurred in southern New Jersey within the past couple of hours, eight people have died, greater than four million people are reportedly without power in eleven states due to power lines and trees down, flood warnings have been issued in numerous locations, snow has been falling in blizzard conditions in the Appalachian Mountain areas, seven bridges have been closed in the New York City area, all flights at all three major airports in the Washington, D.C. area have been cancelled, record storm surges have been recorded along coastal areas — and instead of becoming Tropical Storm Sandy, the former hurricane has been absorbed by a larger system, creating what is being called a “super storm.”

Sandy Absorbed by Winter Storm; Airports Closed; Millions Without Power in 11 States; Flood Warnings

A flood warning is in effect in Chicago, with several hundred flights canceled at both major airports and surfers taking in the waves on Lake Michigan. Meanwhile, winds are whipping the south shore of Massachusetts with gusts up to 60 miles per hour.

As the result of the collapse of a crane in Manhattan, hotel guests of the Parker Meridien — including FlyerTalk member mpclaw, who has posted an account first-hand — have been evacuated to a lower floor of the hotel.

Meanwhile, FlyerTalk member User Name reports on an apparent rate hike at a hotel in London as a result of cancelled flights to the United States because of the storm.

In New York, FlyerTalk members LGA and jspira are both offering assistance to fellow FlyerTalk members who need it if they are stranded in New York — and LGA is even offering a couch on which to “crash.”

Other FlyerTalk members have been reporting on conditions as they happen. If you have anything to report which may assist fellow FlyerTalk members, please post them here or in the Comments section below, and please let me know if you have any photographs you would like to share that can be posted here at The Gate.

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This is a satellite image of Hurricane Sandy when it was still a hurricane.

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