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Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Save 10 Percent on Hyatt Gift Cards 2019 — But…

If you plan on staying at a hotel or resort property which is part of the Hyatt portfolio in North America — including Canada and Mexico — the Caribbean, Central America and South America, you can save ten percent on the cost of a Hyatt gift card when you use promotion code WINTER19

Save 10 Percent on Hyatt Gift Cards 2019 — But…

…but you must purchase the gift card by Monday, December 23, 2019 — and you should know about a few important details before you consider purchasing one.

First, the gift cards cannot be used at hotel and resort properties which are outside of the aforementioned areas in the western hemisphere — so forget about Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Then there is this: “Hyatt’s eGift card purchases are processed by Buyatab, so it won’t code as a Hyatt purchase which I discovered in the past when trying to trigger a Hyatt Regency Amex Offer and the hotel processed the payment through the Buyatab site”, according to this article written by . “A 10% discount is a nice discount, but it’s often possible to get larger discounts courtesy of Amex and Chase Offers. These gift cards can be helpful to have on hand for instances when there isn’t an Amex Offer that lines up with your stays though. You can’t redeem their gift cards online though, so they’re not redeemable for prepaid stays.”

Additionally, purchases of Hyatt gift cards are not eligible to earn World Of Hyatt frequent guest loyalty program points directly from Hyatt — unless you use the World of Hyatt or Hyatt Credit Card from Chase for the purchase, in which case you will earn one bonus point per United States dollar spent.

To avoid being charged shipping fees, ensure that you order an electronic gift card instead of the plastic version.

Also, be prepared to potentially be aggravated and have some of your time wasted, as not all employees at hotel and resort properties will be completely knowledgeable as to how to apply the value of a gift card to your stay — with this experience related by FlyerTalk member skj as an example: “I checked out of a HR last Monday and wanted to use a $100 e-gift card, from the 40 night milestone, to pay my bill. The front desk agent had no idea of how to apply it, and the first person she asked gave her bad instructions. It took about 20 minutes to check out. I would have thought these would be more common, and the staff better trained, since the roll-out of the milestone awards.”

Finally, be careful as to the value of the gift card which you plan on purchasing. When FlyerTalk member vivrant was not successful in purchasing a gift card, FlyerTalk member mg1976 advised, “You might have tried adding a card with higher than $1,000 value. Try $1,000 or below and see if it works. Might have to make multiple card purchases. When I attempted $2,000, it didn’t recognize the code.”


Purchasing gift cards at a discount in order to save ten percent on stays at hotel and resort properties can be a good deal — as long as you are not affected by the aforementioned potential impediments…

…and if you really want or need more than $1,000.00 worth of gift cards, purchase two or more of them so that you can take advantage of the discount of ten percent.

Before you purchase any gift cards, please be sure that you first read this article pertaining to 7 pitfalls of gift cards which can cost you serious money.

I personally will pass on this offer — despite having a reservation for a stay at a Hyatt Place property later this month…

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

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