Save Up to 40 Percent on Priority Pass Membership 2018 For the First Year

If you are tired of dealing with the hustle and bustle of waiting in a public space at an airport prior to boarding the airplane for your flight, you are in luck: you can save up to 40 percent on Priority Pass off of your first year of membership — depending on which of three plans you choose — to enjoy access to the sanctuary of greater than 1,200 lounges and restaurants at airports around the world regardless of airline flown or class of ticket…

Save Up to 40 Percent on Priority Pass Membership 2018 For the First Year

Aspire lounge Schiphol airport Amsterdam

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

…but you must purchase your membership plan by Sunday, November 25, 2018 at 11:59 in the evening to take advantage of what Priority Pass calls the “biggest” discounts of the year.

You have your choice of three types of annual membership plans, with all currencies in United States dollars and United Kingdom pounds:

Membership Options
Standard Plus 
Regular Annual Fee $99.00 or £69.00 $299.00 or £189.00 $429.00 or £339.00
Percentage Discount 40 percent 25 percent 25 percent
Discounted Fee First Year $59.00 or £41.00 $223.00 or £141.00 $321.00 or £254.00
Your Savings $40.00 or £28.00 $76.00 or £48.00 $108.00 or £85.00
Member Visit Fee $32.00 or £20.00 Ten complimentary visits; then $32.00 or £20.00 for every visit thereafter Unlimited visits for the year
Guest Visit Fee $32.00 or £20.00 $32.00 or £20.00 $32.00 or £20.00

Benefits of Priority Pass Membership

Aspire lounge Schiphol airport Amsterdam

French mustard soup with croutons and crispy fried onions, with a whole wheat roll and a croissant filled with chocolate. Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Some of the benefits of membership with Priority Pass include:

  • Complimentary drinks — including alcoholic beverages — refreshments and pre-flight bites to eat
  • Digital entry for instant access through a dedicated mobile software application program for both Android and Apple portable electronic devices to help you find the lounges faster with wayfinding technology
  • Quiet, comfortable space in which to relax
  • Access to the Internet via Wi-Fi
  • Free newspapers and magazines
  • Access to shower facilities
  • Instant access with the Digital Membership Card
  • Offers and discounts at greater than 800 additional dining, spa and retail facilities around the world
  • Greater than 80 airport guides to help you to plan your time while in the airport terminal


Aspire lounge Schiphol airport Amsterdam

Photograph ©2018 by Brian Cohen.

Look at options with premium credit cards, as they could include unlimited complimentary access to Priority Pass lounges and restaurants at airports around the world. If lounge access is important to you and you have not earned elite status in a frequent travel loyalty program at a level high enough to enjoy this benefit, consider that the cost of Priority Pass would help justify the annual fee of the credit card.

For example, the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card — this is a link to an article I wrote here at The Gate and not an affiliate link — offers unlimited Priority Pass lounge passes are included at no extra charge to ease your experience at the airport as one of its list of benefits; and two guests also can access airport lounges with you on unlimited visits at no additional cost. Considering that the annual fee of $450.00 is only $129.00 more expensive than the discounted Priority Pass Prestige membership fee of $321.00 for the first year, I would look into this and other comparable credit cards first before taking advantage of this offer, as the other benefits potentially exceed the cost of the annual fee of the credit card in terms of value.

The Aspire lounge at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport — which is not related to the Hilton Honors American Express Aspire Card — is an example of one of the lounges which accepts the Priority Pass card; and I was there almost two months ago. The photographs shown in this article are of that lounge.

If you decide to take advantage of this offer, know four things:

  1. Although I appreciate access to the airport lounges which are part of the Priority Pass network, they are usually not as good as those found in hotel and resort properties or many of the airline lounges in airports, in my opinion
  2. If a lounge becomes overcrowded at certain hours of the day, access may be restricted to prevent holders of Priority Pass cards from entering the lounge.
  3. Many lounges which are part of the Priority Pass network only allow access to visitors prior to departure of their flights and not upon arrival after the conclusion of a flight.
  4. Despite greater than 1,200 lounges and restaurants at airports around the world participating in Priority Pass, airports do exist where a Priority Pass membership is useless — for example, at Keflavik International Airport in Iceland, where no lounge accepts the Priority Pass card.

All photographs ©2018 by Brian Cohen.


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