Save Up to 40 Percent on Spring Savings Promotion March 2017 With Expedia

Y ou can save up to 40 percent on hotel and resort properties in select destinations around the world during the Spring Savings Promotion March 2017 with Expedia — but this offer only lasts through Monday, March 27, 2017.

Select destinations include — but are not exclusive to — New York, Dubai, Orlando, Paris, Las Vegas, Los Cabos, Seattle, Fort Lauderdale, London and Phoenix.

Save Up to 40 Percent on Spring Savings Promotion March 2017 With Expedia

Lodging in London can cost as low as $18.00 per night — although that is for a hostel, if you do not mind staying at one; but many hotel properties are also included in the sale — and flight and hotel packages for two nights in Las Vegas are as low as $152.00 per person.

Terms and Conditions

Special offers are only available at participating hotel or resort properties. Hotel savings are based upon the everyday hotel rates offered by Expedia — excluding taxes and other fees. A minimum stay may be required. Sample air and hotel packages include accommodation for four or seven nights plus roundtrip air. Sample air and hotel package prices are per person, based upon double occupancy. Offers are subject to availability and may be discontinued without notice.

Other terms and conditions — as well as additional restrictions and blackout dates — may apply.


Expedia is especially useful for discounts on hotel and resort properties which are not part of an international lodging corporation. I have booked several hotel reservations through Expedia in recent years without a major sale and have saved money — such as at the Cresta President Hotel in Gaborone in Botswana and at Katse Lodge in Bokong in Lesotho

…so that means that this sale can potentially save you money on room rates — but shop around carefully before you book to ensure that you are indeed getting the best room rate available.

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

Please note that I receive compensation for affiliate links posted at The Gate effective as of Sunday, January 1, 2017. You are not required to use these affiliate links; but if you do use them, your support of The Gate is greatly appreciated — and using affiliate links will not cost you any extra time or money.

2 thoughts on “Save Up to 40 Percent on Spring Savings Promotion March 2017 With Expedia”

  1. r says:

    Is this a real sale? Hotel prices are the same on the third-party sites such as Orbitz, Expedia, Cheap Tickets, etc. — i.e., the “sale” prices on Expedia exist on the other sites, too. You seem to have started alerting readers to these “sales” recently, and to my mind its undermining your credibility as a fine blogger.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I certainly do not want to undermine my credibility, r — and I appreciate your input. Let me see if I can communicate my thoughts in a way which makes sense…

      Since I started with affiliate links at the beginning of this year, I have offers of sales constantly sent to me by advertisers — most of them mediocre at best and not even worth mentioning. Moreover, some advertisers send me offers every week.

      In those two months, I have only posted three articles pertaining to sales by Expedia and four articles highlighting sales by I try to be selective about the sales which I highlight; and in one article, I actually pointed readers to a better offer posted by another “blogger” in the Summary of this article instead of the offer about which I wrote:

      The way I look at affiliate links in general is simply a way to earn a few more dollars on articles about which I already write, rather than as a new way to generate income. I have written about Expedia in the past prior to the affiliate links being implemented at The Gate.

      I have also used Expedia in the past to book hotel rooms; and on at least one of them, there was not a sale which fit my purchase. I would have liked to have saved up to 40 percent off of my room rates; so I have been hoping that these sales are helping readers of The Gate save money.

      Believe it or not, I have been surprised at the response of those affiliate links — included the ones in this article — which has been better than I expected.

      Finally, there is a reason why the sale prices exist on other Internet web sites., Hotwire, Trivago,, Travelocity, Orbitz, and HomeAway are all owned by Expedia; and as you can see by the following article, I am not afraid to speak my mind — affiliate links or not:

      Additionally, Priceline owns,,, KAYAK, and OpenTable.

      It’s a small world after all, unfortunately…

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