Second LifeMiles Devaluation Within a Week — Again, With No Notice

If you thought that FlyerTalk members were angry pertaining to the perceived devaluation of the LifeMiles frequent flier loyalty program of Avianca and Taca with the changes to the award redemption chart which occurred last week, then imagine how they now feel about the increased expense with using the cash and miles option…

Second LifeMiles Devaluation Within a Week — Again, With No Notice

…and again, with no advanced warning, announcement or notice.

Better yet — instead of imagining how FlyerTalk members feel — you can read for yourself the anger and disgust posted in this discussion, alerted to me by FlyerTalk member lsed, who posted a comment here.

Thank you, lsed!

How about we let FlyerTalk member pr0digy25 describe the increase of the cost of a “cash” mile?

“I was looking at a redemption earlier and am 100% certain it was about $100 cheaper (this is before taxes and booking fee) earlier tonight.
“For instance…. on the redemption I’m looking at:
“37,000 miles = 578.30 or 0.01563 CPM
“A redemption I did a few weeks back:
“19,000 miles = 269.95 or 0.01420
“EDIT: I replicated the above booking… 19,000 miles now costs 294.85 or 0.01551 CPM!
“Sounds like another ‘enhancement’ post-Freddies!”

Other FlyerTalk members confirmed the finding by pr0digy25. For example, FlyerTalk member SingaporeDon explains it this way:

“All in $930 SIN-USA One Way business became $1089 all in – 17% increase in all in cost ( assuming miles bought at 1.5 cents – I hope they don’t mess up with that part of the equation soon too!)”

Using words such as ridiculous, astonishing and poor, FlyerTalk members are indeed angry — with pr0digy25 summing it up with this:

“A program that doesn’t communicate with reasonable sufficiency any changes goes to the bottom of the list in my books.”

Do you agree?

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

One thought on “Second LifeMiles Devaluation Within a Week — Again, With No Notice”

  1. starflyer says:

    Delta SkyMiles = no integrity program
    Avianca & TACA LifeMiles = no integrity program

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