Security Checkpoint Rape Allegation Results in Legal Action

Amy Alkon

A female advice columnist publicly accused an airport security checkpoint employee of the Transportation Security Administration of rape in her weblog — and posted the full name of the accused person, resulting in the Transportation Security Administration agent threatening advice columnist Amy Alkon with defamation of character, along with a demand of $500,000.00 and the removal of the controversial content from the weblog.
Alkon alleges that the Transportation Security Administration agent stuck her gloved hand into her vagina four times through her pants: “Nearing the end of this violation, I sobbed even louder as the woman, FOUR TIMES, stuck the side of her gloved hand INTO my vagina, through my pants. Between my labia. She really got up there. Four times. Back right and left, and front right and left. In my vagina. Between my labia. I was shocked — utterly unprepared for how she got the side of her hand up there. It was government-sanctioned sexual assault.

“Upon leaving, still sobbing, I yelled to the woman, “YOU RAPED ME.” And I took her name to see if I could file sexual assault charges on my return. This woman, and all of those who support this system deserve no less than this sort of unpleasant experience, and from all of us.”
Can what Alkon alleges happened be defined as rape, or is Alkon simply overreacting? Before you decide, view the links to the story and the actual letters of the lawyers of both the accuser and the defender, which can be accessed from this FlyerTalk thread.


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